Arkadia, God of Ambition

Legends tell of a man who orchestrated his rise into power through sheer will and determination. These legends speak of Arkadia, God of Ambition.

“I dare speak of this legend, for he may be concentrating on my speech at this very moment. I shall tell you a story about man known only as Arkadia. During the beginning of humanoid settlement, it is said that a human appeared one morning out of thin air within an un-interesting town on the fringes of society. This man called himself Arkadia, and never told anyone from where he came. Descriptions that remain of him are chilling, to say the very least. Arkadia was taller than average, pale, and had just enough muscle under his coat to be considered muscular. He always carried a curious scepter around, and rumor holds that spells were one of the many weapons contained in his arsenal. The rise to the top was swift for Arkadia, as he strived for nothing less than the best. From the beginning of his life, Arkadia outlined a specific list of goals and plans he wanted to achieve, and did not rest until they were all completed. Of Arkadia’s many feats, I will speak of just a few: Immortality, all wealth in the world, and a huge collection of magically blessed items. Once all of his goals were completed, Arkadia vanished, never to be seen again. Titanus is much better place without him, if you ask me.”

“The things we cannot obtain are the most beautiful ones.” -Arkadia


Arkadia, God of Ambition

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