▄█▀  █  ▀█▄
       ▄█▀       ▀█▄
       █           █
       █           █
       ▀█▄▄  █   ▄█▀
         █  ▄▀▄  █
         █ ▀   ▀ █
         █       █
         █       █
         █        █
         █       █
         █       █
   ▄█▀▀█▄█       █▄█▀█▄
 ▄█▀▀    ▀            ▀▀█
█▀                      ▀█
█                        █
█           ▄█▄          █
▀█         █▀ ▀█        █▀
 ▀█▄      █▀   ▀█     ▄█▀
   ▀█▄▄▄█▀      ▀█▄▄▄█▀

Nyter's Introduction
Introductory Preview into Nyter's Journal

Hello there. At this point, I’m not sure who I’m making this journal for. For now, it’ll be myself. I’ve got no one to share it with, of course, so who else would be able to read it? You? Who are you? Get out of my house! Ha. Just kidding. That’s an old joke from an old friend of mine. He gave me something that unlocked who I truly was, so I had to give his humor a cameo in our little introduction.

All thesis aside, hello reader! My name is Nyter. At this point in time, I’m going to start keeping a record of my events, in case I lose my memory, or in case I want to give this to someone for a good laugh at the shit I’ve been through so far.

Now you may be asking yourself: Nyter… what kind of edgy, fucked up name is that? Well well my dear reader, how inquisitive! I named myself! Yes, I named myself after the wondrous Night, and Night was too… correct, so I opted to change the spelling a little a bit, and tada! Nyter was born! Well, not really, I came up with it when I was, like, 6.

You might also be asking, what did my parents name me? I’m also asking the same fucking question, dear reader. Never saw them, or at least I never saw them after I started developing memories. I know nothing of my father, or my mother. Maybe I was created in a lab by my good friend Galer! Well that doesn’t make sense, considering Galer is only 4 years older than me. You know what? Let’s just start with the storytelling.


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