Sword of Souls

weapon (melee)

Category- Greatsword
Damage- 2d6
Range- 5ft
Critical Range- 19-20
Critical Multiplier- x2

Properties: Has the ability to soul steal, with a capacity of 200 souls. The souls can be consumed to grant fast healing 2 for 2d6 rounds, or stored within the blade. The higher amount/quality of the souls stolen determines what bonuses are granted to the wielder, of course up to DM discretion.


Shadowmourne in legend once belonged to a holy paladin filled with righteousness and the intent to do good. As the story goes, a foreign nation attacked the paladin’s homeland and slaughtered all of his loved ones during the chaos. Corrupted by hate and revenge, the paladin pursued the invaders tirelessly for weeks until he found and decimated their forces, leaving no one alive. He wielded the blade until his last breath, carrying his hatred for humanity to his grave. The sword developed a mind of it’s own, whispering madness and hatred to all who wielded it, granting them power in exchange for their humanity. The chaos entailed within Shadowmourne became so great that the elder races sealed the blade away in the ruins of an ancient kingdom, leaving it to rot in solitude until the end of days. That is, until it was found again…


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