Name: Twixel
Age: 30
Height: 2’10
Weight: 30
Skin Color: Fair, almost white
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark Brown

I imagine Twixel to look like this though not as tan. She would have extremely fair skin after spending so much time underground. Her eyes would be completely black. Her weapon of choice is a sickle. She would also be wearing some type of robe that would represent her goddess, Lanna. From the years of torture, Twixel has several scars. One is a knick on her face above and through her left brow from where she was once pushed to the ground. Another one is a long slash on the back of her right calf; she was once cut with a knife while running away from stealing something to eat. Twixel has several scars on her back from lashings.


In Svirfneblin society, children are praised to the highest honor. They are loved, they are cared for, and when old enough given a trade that they will work with until they master. It is not often that one would find a child who isn’t cared for. Unfortunately for Twixel, that is what happened.
Her father, Axel, was a curious Svirfneblin. He would often leave the underground and go on adventures. In Svirfneblin society, this was frowned upon. As a people, they tend to stick to themselves in their underground cities. Axel liked to venture out and discover new things. On one such adventure, he discovered the goddess, Lanna; the goddess of dreams. This god gave him hope that one day he would leave the underground forever and live on the outside.
After disappearing for months, he suddenly returned home. He was dressed in silver robes with intricate designs. The rest of the society had hoped that he was gone forever and was extremely unhappy about Axel’s current state. It was Axel’s hope that he could get the others to follow Lanna’s ways and leave the underground to make a name for themselves.
He went about preaching about Lanna and even made a crude temple as a place of worship.
Many times he would go to the temple and find it vandalized. One such morning, he went to the temple to find a few Svirfneblin helping to clean up the temple. Axel couldn’t have been prouder of himself in that moment. He excitedly entered the temple and after cleaning, preached to his new flock about Lanna.
One morning, Axel met a female named Twine. She was very curious about Lanna and asked Axel if he could teach her more about the goddess. He happily obliged. After many meetings, they fell in love. A few years after they were married, Twine gave birth to a girl. They named her Twixel.
As Axel’s flock grew more and more steadily, the older society of Svirneblins grew more and more angry. They did not want their ways to change. They plotted Axel’s downfall. They decided to bomb the temple and all who were there. The bomb squad had spies that pretended to be worshipping, but were gathering information on the best day to carry out the plan. They discovered there was to be a special ceremony honoring Lanna and decided that would be the perfect day.
Twine kissed her husband goodbye and stayed home to care for Twixel, who was currently ill with a fever. Twine was reading a sleeping Twixel a book when she heard it. There was a loud BOOM that echoed throughout the underground. She instantly knew what had happened. She kissed Twixel on the head and turned out her light. She left the house and ran to the temple. There were bodies everywhere. Some Svirfneblin were shouting down with Lanna and celebrating. Twine looked for her husband. It was about 30 minutes until she saw him under a temple column. He was barely breathing. They shared their last goodbye and he told her to take care of Twixel and tell her how much he loved her. Twine held Axel in her arms until he died.
Twine was filled with anger and hate. She ran out to the celebrating masses and started screaming. She pushed and hit them. They grew bored of her and decided to make an example of her. They cut off her hair, slit her throat and left her on display for all to see. They continued rejoicing late into the night.
Twixel woke up the next morning and looked around the house for her mother and father. She was unable to find them. Twixel knew that if they weren’t at home then she could find them at the temple. Feeling much better, she put on her clothes and left the house. Some Svirfneblin were still celebrating in the streets. Oblivious to what had happened, she went on her way to the temple. When she got there, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw her mother crudely hanging from a stick. She knew instantly she was dead. She saw the bodies of her parish members scattered around the temple, lifeless. She held out hope that her father might still be alive. She searched for him and found him dead underneath a column.
Twixel wasn’t sure how long she stayed at the temple crying over the loss of her parents, friends, and parish. She knew nothing could be done and returned home. When she arrived, she found her house in flames. She ran in and went to her room. Luckily the flames were not too high. She was able to grab some clothes and her special locket before she had to leave the house.
Twixel had nothing. Her family was gone, her house was gone, and she had no one who she could go to. After the event, society looked down on Twixel. They did not kill her, but sometimes Twixel wished they would. They would spit on her and push her down. For many years, the torture continued. She would have to steal to survive because she was never taught a trade. She slept in dirty areas of the city. Twixel was reaching a breaking point.
On one fateful day, an old man came to the underground. It took years for the information to get to him, but he had heard about all that Axel had done and went to the underground to meet him. Unfortunately, when he got there, he found the temple in ruins and bones of Svirfneblin parishioners. The old man grew angry and shouted out. Twixel had been hiding in the ruins and praying to Lanna. She always went in secret because she feared her life. She heard the scream and went to investigate. She found the old man on his knees, with tears in his eyes, praying for all the lost souls. Twixel knelt beside the old man and prayed hard for her mother and father. She missed them everyday.
The old man looked over at the Svirfneblin and smiled weakly. He said to her, “It is good to see that the religion survived. Even if it is only one. I had heard of all the good that Axel was doing and decided to come and see it for myself. I am sorry that this happened.”
Twixel looked sadly at the man. “Axel was my father. The older Svirfnevlin disliked him, his ways, and the god Lanna. They bombed the temple during a special service. Then they killed my mother for show. I have been on my own ever since. I still come here to pray and pay respects to my mother and father.”
Twixel pointed to two crosses she had put in the ground. The old man stood up and pulled up Twixel with him.
“I can see you have suffered a great tragedy. Come with me to the outside. I will show you what Lanna really has to offer. I can teach you just as I taught your father.”
For once, Twixel felt hope. She was ready to end it, but now had a better chance at life. She took the old man up on his offer and went to study with him at temple decimated to Lanna. She stayed there for years and was taught the ways of the Cleric and how to preach to others. She wanted to continue her father’s work. For the first time, in a very long time, Twixel felt like she was home.


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