Raymond Black

Archduke of Calamity


Raymond is strikingly handsome, with his most noticeable features being a defined jaw and jet black hair. Standing at around 5’10" tall, he appears to be slightly muscular and very agile. His preferred article of clothing is a long black robe engraved with a large golden cross.


A torn out journal page rests on the ground

And it was on this day the realization struck me like cold iron to the jaw; life holds no weight aisde from the chains of suffering. After the death of Elizabeth, the endless agony of despair has gnawed at my very existence. I wholly believe that good exists in this world, but I am doing those people a favor by ending their miserable husks——-my rise to power was swift and merciless. I killed many. And now, I stand at the precipice of my ultimate dream.

Anyone naive enough to try and stop me will feel the wrath of a man who has nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Raymond Black

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