A closer look at Nyter: http://i.imgur.com/4XmuEra.jpg

Your guess at Nyter’s true name is as good as his. He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t want to know. He has named himself, and that’s what it’s going to stay as.


Nyter hails from Galnea, as he is an adventurer, and Galnea is the perfect place for sparking interest in exploration. Nyter carries a Topaz with him to remind him to never be afraid of his enemies, yet also not to underestimate them either, as doing either could easily spell his demise. During his travels in Galnea, his companions were solely out for how much Gold they could accrue, and as such, attempted to rob Nyter blind during their odd jobs. Each companion that Nyter has tried to travel with ended up trying to rob, steal, maim, or even kill him. This method of mistrust has enabled Nyter to keep his guard up even in the most auspicious of times, always being careful and methodical in his thoughts. However, there was a time when he held a love interest. Her name was Sapphire, a spellblade with a strong arm, and a beautiful face. During a raid in the ruins of a deserted crumbling fortress, they met a powerful lich. The lich had casted Circle of Death, causing Sapphire to panic and shove Nyter into the radius. She ran away, leaving Nyter to deal with the Lich. He was able to escape, though gravely wounded. There was a blue gem on the ground, probably from spoils left behind by Sapphire, and Nyter took the blue gem with him to remind him that even the closest friends may end up sacrificing you to save themselves.

Nyter’s name comes from his love of the Night, the one thing he can call his friend. The night is the one thing that Nyter believes won’t betray him, unlike every human being he has befriended, or at least, tried to befriend. As far as he remembers, his past has been full of backstabs, traitors, and broken promises. Nyter learned the value of trust, and how many people misuse it, which is why he is always on his guard, even around nobles and priests, and especially lifelong friends. He is unsure whether or not he will ever meet a trustworthy companion, and to be honest, he doesn’t really care, since he’s only out for himself. His misplaced trusts and constant treachery has allowed him to grow as a distant character, one who will only empathize with those who have been betrayed by those they once loved and cherished.

During his travels around nations, he has come across two acquaintances who he deems are trustworthy enough to keep in contact with. These two fellows are named Galer Tundra and Rodger Lae. Nyter met Rodger when routing goblins off a small path in Lista. As Nyter was finishing up, an arrow struck one of the goblins in the head, while a second arrow pierced one’s neck. Nyter went into defensive mode and immediately started to seek out the source of the arrows, and came upon Rodger, sitting on a large branch in one of the trees. He knew that Rodger had the advantage and could strike Nyter down with his skills in marksmanship, but Rodger instead told him they were assigned to the same mission of routing the goblins. Rodger kindly added that he preferred not to tell Nyter he was a part of the mission, because he was admittedly very antisocial. Nyter shared that he, too, had an antisocial nature, and they should get along just fine. He let his guard down, albeit not completely, and helped Rodger dispatch the rest of the goblins. Nyter praised Rodger’s prowess as an archer, and Rodger stated that Nyter hasn’t even seen his swordplay. Nyter promised to duel Rodger once they meet again, and Rodger accepted the promise with eager positivity. Rodger made sure not to let Nyter forget about their promising duel, and bestowed Nyter with a palm-sized Ruby to remember him by.

Galer’s story is a little more… Eccentric. Nyter was travelling in the country of Kenos, marveling in its advanced technological splendor. Before he knew it, Nyter stumbled upon a temple dedicated to Chronos, the God of Time whom most Kenosians worship. The temple was interesting in its design and wonderfully expansive. It was unlike any temple Nyter had ever visited, with seemingly endless hallways and descents. It was here that he bumped into (quite literally) Galer, a green-haired man in a hurry to his destination. They exchanged names, but Galer made it very clear he was in a hurry to finish something of his. Intrigued, Nyter wondered if he could help with whatever Galer needed to get done. And so, they spent their time in Galer’s private lab, preserving poultices and makeshift salves. Nyter was so intrigued, in fact, that he asked Galer if he could help train him in the art of alchemy. Galer was beyond enthused to accept his offer, but he warily stated that he was in the middle of something big, something HUGE that could revolutionize the way alchemical ingredients were combined to create potions. He told Nyter to visit him again in about a month, to give him time to finish, and then he would happily train Nyter in whatever he wanted to know. He gave Nyter an emerald to remember this deal, and sent him on his way to travel to another place, and to be prepared for Galer’s big scheme.

Nyter’s last important travel led him to a temple in Exodath. It was there that he stumbled upon a tablet, upon which was written, “The things we cannot obtain are the most beautiful ones,” and the reverse side simply stated, “Good Luck, Nyter.”. As Nyter flipped the tablet around again, the words vanished. He tied the small tablet to his waist, and as he was leaving, met a very well dressed man named Nicholas Alexandros. Nicholas told Nyter of an idea for an amazing weapon that would blow off the shelves in Kenos, and asked if Nyter would like to have a part in the spoils. Nyter agreed, and Nicholas bestowed Nyter with an advanced payment of a whopping 62,000 gold. He told Nyter to visit him in Kenos once he was done, and he bid farewell. Nyter then donated all 62,000 gold to the chapel, speaking to a very grateful and humble Arkadian priest about his donation and the religion of Arkadia. He then bid the priest farewell, and thought long and hard about Akardia, the god of ambition. If he really existed, should Nyter pray for him? Why not? Nyter ushered a prayer for Akardia, and finally left the temple.

This is where Nyter’s story truly begins. Through his next adventures, Nyter will discover who he really is, along with discovering newfound friendships with trustworthy friends and even more traitors along the way. One thing is for sure: Nyter is going to survive by any means necessary.


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