Kaden Nashor

Magical Pirate Cliche


Pirate Magus and Owner of The Midnight Wisp.


Born to a family destined for a nothing more than Fishing and running the market, Kaden set out to join a crew at the age of 16 as a deckhand. 8 years and 3 ships later, he decided he should make a name for himself, and What pirate makes a name for himself without a flashy demeanor? Stealing the fastest ship alive and pouring resources into it, he has the honor of manning the fastest ship alive – literally – The Midnight Wisp. It is rumored that he has stolen over 50 ships, but this can’t be legitimized as his hideout is unknown. Is often spotted at dusk with his skeleton crew. All attempts at tracking Mr. Nashor are met with an orange flash and empty waters, like some sort of ghostly disappearing act.

Kaden Nashor

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