Garm Forgeblood

The Weaponmaster


Race- Human/Caucasian
Height- 6’2"
Hair Color- White
Eye Color- Brown
Age- 43

Garm is never seen without his massive array of weapons, spanning from an Elven Branched Spear to his Swordbreaker knife.



Another advance, the third time in a matter of seconds

The enemy advanced again, bringing his greatsword down in an arc towards Garm’s head. Anticipating another aggressive maneuver, Garm tumbled through his opponent’s attack and thrusted the tip of his dagger through a soft point in his blade, cracking the center.

Hmm. He is strong, but careless. I’ll take him out with my next move.

Rising from the ground, Garm readied his greatsword, preparing for his next course of action.

“You’ll have to do better than that, whelp!” Garm shouted. “I’ve fought fish stronger than you!”

Enraged, Garm’s opponent advanced once more, reaching speeds seemingly un-attainable by most men. Garm scoffed slightly at his opponent before catching the attack at it’s height, breaking the enemies sword into pieces. Taking advantage of the confusion, Garm tripped the man and sundered his armor in one motion, leaving him defenseless. The deed done, Garm looked towards the thundering crowd, and roared in victory.


Garm looked down at his helpless opponent, and met with his eyes. The opponent nodded, and Garm slowly drew his greatsword. His back to the crowd, Garm plunged the blade through his enemies heart.

The applause was incredible. The crowd… No, the fans. That is what Garm lives for.

He gazed up slowly, as if in thought. “Kargath,” he murmured “lead his soul to the great arena, where he may fight eternally in splendour.” Garm walked slowly back to the underground, carrying his opponent’s body.

This wasn’t the first, and it won’t be the last.

Garm Forgeblood

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