On the top of the hill, they all end alone. As you will, you will…

Hello, traveler! What brings you to this mystical land? The promise of failure? The constant threat of death lingering over your shoulder? No? Well then, perhaps this is not the place for someone such as yourself. For many years I have lived here, biding my time and observing the interactions of this world; and let me tell you, it’s absolutely wonderful. Should you risk your life here for the many splendors and spoils, I dare say you will not leave empty handed. So why not, then? Have at it, Stranger! Just don’t stumble into any pitfalls along the way…HAHAHAHA.


  • As with all pathfinder campaigns I run, alignment is treated differently and will not be a huge deterring factor in one’s use of unique items, spells, devices, etc. This decision is always up to GM discretion, but It’s based on a Wizard’s alternative ruleset for alignment as to allow more freedom of choice without alignment restrictions.
  • Descent will have a special stat called Luck, available only to players. Luck is exactly as it sounds: leaving one’s own fate in the hands of destiny. Throughout random points during sessions, players will be given opportunities to roll for luck depending on the situation. Luck will be a d20 roll with higher rolls resulting in a luckier opportunity. For example, ahead of the group lies some powerful monsters. The rogue in the party stumbles upon a tablet that details the location of the enemies, and one weakness of them due to his roll of an 18 on the luck dice. Luck exists to spice up your average campaign and bring something fresh to the table, as people enjoy being lucky. Abilities and items that influence the luck bonus in Pathfinder can also add to luck rolls, (for example, the Halfling’s luck trait) of course up to GM discretion.
  • Religion will be vastly different within Descent. A custom set of gods exist that will be used, as well as many different religions and sub-deities. Eventually, all gods and divinely powerful figures will be posted onto the main wiki page.
  • Due to the vastness of Titanus, all core classes and races are allowed. Although, some areas may prove more favorable to one race or class than another. Third party classes or races up to GM discretion.
  • Good Luck, traveler…


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